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Electronic Gases
Electronic Gases
Product Features
1. Ultra Pure Semi-Conductor used Gases
  SiH4, SiH2CL2, SiH6, PH3, B2H6, ASH3, NH3, NO, CO2, BCL3,
  CL2, HCL, HBr, CO, CH4, H2S, GeH4, NF3, SiF4, SF6, H2Se, CF4,
  C2F6, C3F8, CHF3, O2, N2, Ar, He, H2.
2. Electron Laser used mixture gases
  HCL+N2, CO2+N2+He, CO2+CO+N2+He, F2+N2+Ne+Kr+He.
3. Electric used mixture gases and Standard Gases SiH4+N2, SiH4+H2,
  HBr+N2, NF3+N2, PH3+N2, B2H6+He, GeH4+He.
4. Please contact us for other purities, blending range and cylinder size.